‘Lunar Rocket’ by Eddie Squires on display via Warner Textile Archive at Cité du Design in France as part of ‘Homo Spatius’ exhibition exploring the link between space travel and design.

In collaboration with the National Center for Spatial Studies (CNES), the Cité du design is showcasing the challenges for designing in a transitional space age era. The exhibition includes many objects by designers, artists, engineers, architects, authors, in order to explore the crossroads of this era and which transports us to the fields of science, design and imagination.

The Warner Textile Archive were pleased to support the exhibition by providing high resolution images of Warner & Sons fabric ‘Lunar Rocket’ by Eddie Squires to create a largescale reproduction in the exhibition.

See ‘Lunar Rocket’ by Eddie Squires now at Braintree Museum as part of the exhibition ‘Space: Fact & Fiction’ until 11th December 2021. ‘Lunar Rocket’ is perhaps one of the most recognisable designs by Warner & Sons. Created to commemorate the moon landings in 1969, this design quickly became infamous for being boldly colourful and experimental, but not commercially successful.

Read more about the ‘Homo Spatius’ exhibition here: https://www.citedudesign.com/fr/a/homo-spatius-1586

Alexis Bertrand, ADAGP 2021 – © Seghir Zouaoui – Cité du design

Alexis Bertrand, ADAGP 2021 © Cité du design

Alexis Bertrand, ADAGP 2021 © Cité du design