Artists, Designers and Studios

ALDRED, Louise  1930s
Freelance designer.

ARTIS, Robert 1929-1935
Worked at London studio until 1935, then Dartford printworks until 1939 .

AUFSEESER, Eva 1930s
Freelance designer, sister of Hans Tisdall.

BAWDEN, Edward  R.A., R.D.I., A.G.I 1950s
Created two designs for Warner & Sons.

CHILDS, Miss  c.1914
Design purchased when Miss Childe was a student at the Royal Female School of Art .

di COLBERTO DINZL, Friedlande 1950s-60s
Worked from his studio in Italy – designs were purchased from him regularly.

COOMBES, John William 1920 – 1925
Awarded silver medal at the Paris Exhibition in 1925 for the design ‘Kelty’, which was hand woven by Warner & Sons.

CRANE, Walter 1845 – 1915
Designer and Illustrator. First President of the Art Workers Guild, 1884. President of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society from 1888 to 1890 and from 1895 to 1915.

DAVIDSON, Douglas 1940s
Worked as a textile designer for Warner & Sons – continued freelance.

DAVIES, Frank Des.R.C.A., M.S.I.A.D 
Joined Warner & Sons in 1951 as a designer for woven fabrics at Braintree. Transferred to the London office in 1971 where he continued to design and coordinate the woven range.

DEARDEN, Francis 1950s
Textile designer working in New York.

DORAN, M. Joseph
Textile and wallpaper designer. Worked from a studio in Hounslow and was know for his floral designs.

DORN, Marion 1930 – 1940
Freelance designer of textiles and carpets. Married the graphic artist Edward McKnight Kauffer. Founded her own firm, Marion Dorn Ltd., to supply rugs and textiles for interior decoration.

DURKIN, Hilda 1950s
Textile designer.

EBEL, Charles 1910 – 1930
Textile designer. Worked in a studio with Willaim Augustus Ebel. Employed by Warner & Sons and produced a large number of designs for the firm.

FITTON, James R.A 1930s
Painter and illustrator. Member of the London Group in 1934. Produced a few designs for textiles.

Member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

FORRER, Max 1940 to 1960
Textile designer with a studio in Paris. Warner & Sons bought many designs from this studio.

GABERT, Hannah 1940s
Worked as a freelance textile designer in England during the 1940s.

GIRAUD 1940 – 1960
Father and son had a textile design studio in Paris. Warner & Sons bought regularly from them.

GODWIN, E.W 1833 – 1886
Trained as an architect, but also designed wallpapers, furniture, carpets and textiles. Known for his ‘Japanese’ style.

GOODALE, Sylvia b.1927.
Daughter of Sir Ernest Goodale. Worked in a design studio in Stockholm, and in the showroom at Warner & Sons. Married Jean-Pierre Warner, a grandson of Sir Frank Warner.

Architect and silversmith. Designed the Lion and Unicorn pavilion at the Festival of Britain in 1951. Awarded a Design Medal by the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

GRAY, Milner R..D.I 
Graphic artist and industrial designer. Founder member of the Society of Industrial Artists in 1930 and twice President.

Textile designer.

Textile design studio in Paris. Warner & Sons bought regularly from this studio between 1940 and 1960.

HAITE, George Charles  1855-1924
Painter and designer of textiles and wallpapers. Son of George Haite, textile Paisley designer.  President of the Royal Society of Designers.

HOWARD, Frank Ernest   1888 – 1934
Ecclesiastical architect. Designer of altar cross and candlesticks for Chester Cathedral.

HUNTER, Alec   1899-1958
Son of Edmund Hunter, founder of the St Edmudsbury Silk  Weaving Works. Joined Warner & sons in 1932 as a designer. Became a director of the firm in 1943 and continued as production manager at Braintree until his death in 1958.

JONES, Lewis 1894 – 1953.
Worked as a textile and wallpaper designer at the Silver Studio from 1910 – 1953 apart from during the wars.

JONES, Owen 1809 – 1874.
Architect and designer. Toured the Middle East in 1833. Published the ‘Grammar or Ornament’ in 1856. Designed wallpapers and textiles and twards the end of his life produced a number of schemes for interior decoration.

KENNERLEY, Randall, G.
Textile and wallpaper designer, active c.1900.

LYNTON, Lamb 1907 – 1977.
Painter and Lithographer. President of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers from 1951 to 1952.

LEWIS, Sue  b.1936.
Freelance designer of dress and furnishing textiles.

Textile design studio in Paris. Warner & Sons bought regularly from this studio between 1920 and 1960.

Freelance textile designer in New York. Visited England c.1938.

LOWNDES, Jenny b. 1936.
Joined Warner & Sons in 1959 and worked in the London studio until 1967.

MACKMURDO, Arthur Heygate 1851 – 1942.
Architect and designer. Founded the Century Guild in 1882 and designed furniture, textiles and wallpaper.

Freelance textile designer and teacher.

Studet at Glasgow School of Art  c.1945

MAWSON Sidney, G. c.1870 – 1941.
Textile and wallpaper designer.

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