This week sees the first National Thinking of You Week. There’s no specific event or occasion in mind, the aim is simply to highlight the joy and emotional power of sending a beautiful, hand-written greeting card, while creating a wave of caring and happiness across the Britain. There are many, many reasons to send a short message to somebody, and as we LOVE greeting cards, we’ve done a quick office survey to give you some ideas of how to get involved:

I’m sending our greeting card of Marion Dorn’s Birds to Christine Boydell. Chris and I both spoke at a V&A study day on Warner & Sons last weekend, and I want to thank her for her support – and her talk was on Marion Dorn, so very appropriate!

Birds (1936) by Marion Dorn, screen-printed cotton

Without a doubt I’ll send Phlox – I’m going to send it to a cousin who lives in Teddington.

Phlox (1900), hand-painted paper design

Phlox (1900), hand-painted paper design

Charlotte H
I’m going to send Rouen to a friend I’ll be going on holiday to Italy with next year. I love Rouen, and it’s got a nice summery, holiday-y feel to it.

1950s printed cotton chintz

Rouen (1950s), printed cotton chintz

Charlotte R
I wanted to send Thinking of You week over the Atlantic! I’ve sent John Aldridge’s Ribbons to a friend in Canada who’s just moved house and started university.

Ribbons (1930s) by John Aldridge, hand-painted paper design.

Ribbons (1930s) by John Aldridge, hand-painted paper design

We’d love to see more people get involved, and find out who you’re sending cards to for Thinking of You week. Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us – we’re @TextileArchive

#ThinkingOfYou #KeepBritainHappy